I would have hoped that by now, things would be back to the usual London swing: lots of dates, exciting new experiences, trying out new restaurants or pop up events, having a summer filled with adventure. Things are a bit different, and as I much as I miss the colourful life pre-Corona, I must admit I've enjoyed a little slower pace, having more time for self-reflection, setting goals and making plans for the future. Also there's a fur baby in my life who certainly brightens up any dull moment. 

As I mentioned on my Twitter, I have started opening up my diary for appointments for a very small number of clients. Currently, I will only see maximum one client per two weeks, and I will ask for more information than usual beforehand, such as previous travels and general health. This is, of course, for us both to feel comfortable when we do get to meet.

I'm also very much encouraging longer dinner- and other social dates at the moment. I've truly missed being wined and dined, and as several museums and other interesting places for cultural experiences are starting to open, what better time than now to see that exhibition you've been meaning to go to? Did I mention I've studied art? ;)

A new year is upon us! Within a slew of New Year, New Start blogs popping up I hope that mine doesn’t get lost in motion – so pull up a chair, grab a coffee and let’s talk resolutions. Ones to make, and ones to break…

Another year beginning (and in this case, a whole new decade!) always feels like a fresh start, however socially constructed it may be, and I’m not one to shy away from an opportunity to shake things up and begin anew. 2019 brought lots of positive changes for me – a house move, a promotion, and deepened relationships with friends and clients – and I am ready to embrace everything these shifts have brought to my life. I feel extremely lucky, and ready to grasp every opportunity that comes my way.

Some of you might remember I took some time off last year to attend a yoga retreat in the countryside. This was a transformative experience for me and I am taking this vibe forward into 2020 with a renewed focus on health and self improvement. Feeding my body well and treating it as it deserves to be treated has changed my outlook entirely, and as a result I am feeling relaxed, strong, and ready for all the adventures coming my way this year!

One such adventure that I’ve been dying to share with you is my planned trip to Edinburgh with my gorgeous friend Rosie James! This will be my first time in Scotland and I am beyond excited! I’m really looking forward to seeing the sights, whether it’s the Castle or some particularly lux hotel rooms… I’ve already got a small itinerary in place but if you happen to find yourself with some free time from the 7th-9th February, and you fancy showing me around (or enjoying a decadent night in), do get in touch as I suspect my diary will fill up quite quickly. As always, priority will be afforded to those who share my love of forward planning!

And, for those of you in this gorgeous city I call home, I will be available for incalls on the 17th and 31st of January, in Soho, if you’d like to catch me there before I head off to the North. As always, my career doesn’t allow for a huge amount of incall availability so I would urge you not to hesitate if you’ve been thinking of making my acquaintance.

Anyone who knows me will know that I’ve always favoured opportunities to develop deeper connections with my clients. In 2020 I’m going to be continuing to prioritise longer outcalls going forward. This fits far better with my needs and my lifestyle, allowing me more flexibility and I am SO looking forward to getting to know some of you better over the coming months. Of course, I will still be available for shorter dates (I love a quickie as much as the next girl…), but priority in my very full calendar will be given to those who share my love of authentic experiences that develop organically.

Until next time xxx

Redhead Escort Edinburgh

What an amazing summer I have had! It made me acutely aware of how woefully unprepared the UK is for the kind of heatwaves we’ve been having (air conditioning appears to be a foreign concept) but despite the difficulties it’s hard to complain about the feeling of waking up to blue skies so consistently. However hot and stuffy it gets, we all know how much we’ll miss it when we are plunged back into 6 months of rain, wind and cold.

As London’s summer drew to a close, I made it my mission to stretch the holiday feeling as far as possible by jetting off for a very well-deserved fortnight in the south of France!

The south coast is among one of my favourite destinations; mostly because I can spend my time eating delicious food, swimming, sunbathing and of course, visiting as many nudist beaches as I possibly can! If you have followed me on twitter for any length of time you’ll know already that I’m rarely happier than when I’m by the sea (particularly whilst naked, and surrounded by yet more naked people), and I am very excited to get some sand between my toes before Autumn begins in earnest.

You may have noticed that I have spent some time away from my inbox, I will get back to you once I am back on the 12th – thank you so much for your patience. And whilst I’ll be incommunicado until then, we all know absence makes the heart grow fonder (as will all of the selfies I’ll be taking so you can follow my journey!) Despite how much fun I have had I am already eagerly anticipating my return to my adventurous double-life in London, including showing off my new tan and freckles!

Since getting home from my trip to Sweden I have been lucky enough to have been enjoying quite a few dinner dates and longer, more social dates; I relish the opportunity to build deeper connections with my clients and it goes without saying that more of this is very, very welcome. The thrill of meeting strangers for brief trysts is a joy all on its own, but nothing quite beats the feeling of making eyes across the table (and playing footsie underneath it). Anticipation is addictive, and in my experience only ever increases over time.

I am also very excited to announce that from the 1st October I will be hosting incalls in central London with more regularity! I will be hosting on the first Friday of the month, and I will share more details on this very soon. But in the meantime, get your calendars out and get in touch as my limited availability gets snapped up very quickly!

I will look forward to seeing you all on my return. xx Annie

​© by Annie Lilja 2020

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