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Longer vs. shorter dates

Although the World Cup summer feels like ages ago (I'm gutted about both Sweden and England!) I thought I’d be interesting to put these two contestants to the test: Longer vs Shorter dates!

In my opinion, shorter dates of an hour or less can be very passionate since you’re both aware that you’re somewhat limited in time and need that spark to fly from the moment you see each other. It might be a bit more straight to the point, which I think can be incredibly sexy. Also, these dates are perfect for focusing on something specific, like a certain part of the body, or a sexual activity like oral sex or spanking. They can also be a lovely non-sexual introduction in the form of a social date such as a cocktail or a lunch. I can completely understand that some men would like to engage in some social time before getting down and dirty, or would like a beautiful companion to their otherwise boring office lunch.

Shorter dates can either consist of highly intense and energetic sex from the moment we lay our eyes on each other until the moment we part ways, a more relaxed and sensual date, or a date to purely get to know each other socially.

Ultimately, how we spend our date is in your hands, unless you of course, request a Domme session ;)

Let’s move on to the other contestant: longer dates. These give us a genuine chance to get to know each other on a deeper level. I have lived in several countries on different continents, studied very interesting topics, and have opinions and ideas about most things. I love sharing stories over a glass of wine and dinner, between the sheets and over breakfast. Longer dates can also give us all the time necessary for some kinky play, in particular role-play or high-intensity kink. I always recommend making some time for relaxing after more advanced sessions! During longer bookings, there’s no rush, we can go with the flow, spend loads or little time in the bedroom, explore the city or go on trips, and truly get to know each other. To be blunt: longer dates are great for those of you with very high sex drives!


Although shorter dates can be passionate, intense and loads of fun, I declare longer dates the winner, simply because nothing beats breakfast in bed, long conversations and tons of sexual exploring.

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