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Strange times

I would have hoped that by now, things would be back to the usual London swing: lots of dates, exciting new experiences, trying out new restaurants or pop up events, having a summer filled with adventure. Things are a bit different, and as I much as I miss the colourful life pre-Corona, I must admit I've enjoyed a little slower pace, having more time for self-reflection, setting goals and making plans for the future. Also there's a fur baby in my life who certainly brightens up any dull moment. 

As I mentioned on my Twitter, I have started opening up my diary for appointments for a very small number of clients. Currently, I will only see maximum one client per two weeks, and I will ask for more information than usual beforehand, such as previous travels and general health. This is, of course, for us both to feel comfortable when we do get to meet.

I'm also very much encouraging longer dinner- and other social dates at the moment. I've truly missed being wined and dined, and as several museums and other interesting places for cultural experiences are starting to open, what better time than now to see that exhibition you've been meaning to go to? Did I mention I've studied art? ;)

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